Ground Beef, Grass Fed, Humane Certified, USDA Certified, Premium Beef, 1.05 lbs


Available Now!

It comes from Prather Ranch in Macdoel, California- around 300 miles north from San Francisco. We just entered into a partnership to provide RydeOn customers with top quality beef.


 There are a few reasons why I decided to work with this supplier in particular:

  • It is Humane Certified- this beef comes from happy cows, that spend their whole life on vast pastures of Northern California
  • It is USDA Prime certified, so it is extremely high quality and produced using golden food safety standards
  • It is produced in a sustainable way- the Prather Ranch prides itself in producing their beef in a fully Eco-sustainable way
  • It is hormones and antibiotics free, produced organically. 
  • It is dry-aged, which gives it an amazing, unique flavor

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