GIUSTO SAPORE, Black Truffle Sea Salt- Fine 100g - 3.5 oz

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A heady, aromatic blend of hand-screened, air-dried Italian black truffle and sea salt that transforms anything into an exotic mealtime treasure.A marvelous blend of ground Italian black truffle from Abruzzo and Sicilian sea salt is irresistible in the kitchen. Sprinkle this blend over coddled or scrambled eggs, buttered popcorn, delicate fish, cooked vegetables and toss with pasta dishes, the unmistakably earthy flavor of truffles combined with sea salt will transform an everyday meal into something special. Just a dusting on hot and buttery or juicy foods releases its incredible suite of natural aromatics to make even mashed potatoes into pure heaven! The flavor of black summer truffle will linger with you, like memories of a shared meal, long after the dishes are cleared from the table.  

You might think of it as a “special occasion” condiment or truffle up your life and put it on pretty much everything!  Enjoy with a glass of spumante!

Great Uses:

  • Eggs - Sprinkle truffle salt in your egg-based dishes—scrambled eggs, baked eggs, omelettes
  • Risotto - Truffle salt adds a subtle richness to creamy risottos
  • Potatoes - Use truffle salt in place of regular salt on baked potatoes or French fries
  • Bruschetta - Make bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil or butter, sprinkle with truffle salt
  • Salad Dressings - Mix with olive oil before making vinaigrette to make a “truffled salad dressing”
  • Baked Pasta - Stir a teaspoon into a cup of ricotta cheese and use the truffled cheese for baked pasta dishes
  • Accent Foie Gras - Sprinkle over foie gras or pate
  • Sushi - Use truffle salt instead of soy sauce to add flavor to sushi or other raw fish dishes
  • Cream Sauce - Truffle your cream sauces with this easy condiment
  • Truffle Salt on PastaT - Toss pasta with Truffle & Salt and truffle oil for a dish with simple elegance
  • Truffled Marinades - Use in marinades to add deep truffle flavor to cooked meats
  • Popcorn with Truffle Salt - Open a bottle of chilled champagne and pour into glasses, pop some popcorn, add butter and truffle salt and toast to this fun idea!
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