Organic Grass Fed Ribeye Steak

0.5 lb
$15.99 $19.99

One of our best tasting and best selling cuts. Full of flavor and tender, this steak is well-marbled and juicy. We recommend enjoying this steak rare to medium-rare. Because of the natural flavor, ribeyes don’t require much in the way of seasoning.

SunFed Ranch Core Values

At SunFed Ranch, we hold ourselves and our partners–on and off the ranch–to the highest possible standards to deliver delicious beef you can feel good about eating. Our core values shape decisions made throughout our team.

  • Happy animals make better beef. Our entire process puts animal health, happiness, and welfare first.

  • Success requires investing in the local community. Our cattle are born and raised on American Family Ranches, creating local jobs and supporting farming communities.

  • Environmental sustainability is a necessity. Sustainably raised cattle not only taste better, they help regenerate land. SunFed Ranch has a generationally-rooted ranching philosophy designed to last.

  • Beef must be consistently delicious. Our practices are specifically developed to work with the unique challenges of raising grass fed beef to ensure every bite is delicious every time.